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Figure out what's next in your career and life with our community, courses & coaching.

About The Greenhouse Network

We bring together leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives + seekers to share thoughts and have meaningful conversations amongst peers so that together we can coach each other towards discovering our purpose, potential, and next right thing.

Why You Should Join Us

If you're thinking about a career shift, leveling-up into more of your abilities, or starting a dream business - this is the best place to be!

1-on-1 coaching is great (and we do lots of it), but it's a big investment. Personality tests are insightful, but then what do you do with the results? Productivity tools are useful, but where should you apply your efforts?

How we help:

  1. Discover what you were born to do. Our courses walk you through unlocking what lights you up each day.
  2. Find a job you love or start a business‍. We help you know how to channel that passion into a career that has you hopping out of bed each morning.
  3. Find clarity & confidence to make a change‍‍. Monthly access to top coaches and a community of dreamers who are all reinventing their careers.

Greenhouse is the only place to find the intersection of your purpose and potential ... and then walk through it.

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