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We offer more than just professional development or self-help – The Greenhouse Membership brings together creatives, seekers, leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Our Membership is approachable and allows you to come as you are to get clarity and confidence on the right next step for your life with our curated courses, community, and coaching.

Alongside other Greenhousers inside the Membership, you’ll clarify your unique value so you can figure out what’s next in your career, start a business, or tap into more of your potential every day.

Benefits of The Greenhouse Membership:

  • Community: Our community is not just another social media platform! You'll have the opportunity to really connect with others who are in a similar place as you, and who get it!
  • Courses: Unlimited access to our short step-by-step video modules and downloadable resources on topics like: Finding Your Career Sweetspot, Landing Your Ideal Job, Starting Your Dream Business, Professional Development for People at Work, and more!
  • Coaching: Coaching helps you get from where you are to where you want to be. Upgrade to Personal Coaching so you can really make the change you crave. Our approach to coaching works because it combines both insight AND action. We have the track record to prove it, and we want to help you get where you'd like to go!

Not just weekend inspiration that’s gone on Monday, but the results that come from being a part of the Membership are tangible and guide you towards your next right thing.

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